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The video archive “The Blockade. The Voices” is maintained and expanded thanks to the help of sponsors. The funding that we receive goes toward the recording of new interviews with people who lived in Leningrad during the Siege, the processing of the video materials and also the overall development and promotion of this project.

Now is the moment to capture the voices and faces of the last remaining witnesses of the Siege. Some of the participants in this project are no longer with us, but their stories have been perpetuated in the archive, and each of them continues to contribute to our common history, which is so important to preserve.

Any contribution to the project will be gratefully accepted.

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If any of your relatives lived through the Siege and are prepared to share their memories, please let us know.
We also ask you to contact us if you would like to use any of the material contained in The Blockade. The Voices, or if you would like to collaborate with us.